Having a clear path to achieving your business goals often means navigating through many regulatory approvals and knowing what information to collect and how to use it greatly affects your success. Barnett Environmental has the experience necessary in a number of industries to provide you with means-to-end assistance. We specialize in environmental assessment & permitting, land planning, resource management, and cannabis licensing. If your project has a need for strategic guidance through the regulatory network of approvals necessary to put your project in motion, we are here to help.

Specific Services Offered

  • Strategy – How can we help you get where you want to go in a cost-effective and timely manner?
  • Assessment – We can collect and synthesize all the information you need for your approvals
  • Planning – We are here to help with any land, environmental, or cannabis related planning effort you may need
  • Analysis – We can assist you with any financial and feasibility analyses, cost sharing agreements, estimating, budgeting and scheduling you may need for your project.
  • Permitting, Licensing, and Entitlements – We specialize in strategically and accurately preparing and processing applications for permits, licensing, and other approvals, as well as providing mitigation assistance.
  • Advocacy – We go to bat as your representative to government agencies and departments and find the most efficient ways to obtain your approvals.
  • Project Management – Let us know if you need help managing your project from start to finish.
  • Government Grants and Low Interest Loans – We have successfully applied and secured government grants and low interest loans for research and development, and infrastructure projects.