Most projects requiring permits or approvals trigger the need for an environmental assessment (CEQA/NEPA), to determine what impacts may occur on the property and to adjacent neighbors. Depending on how significant these impacts are, or how big the project is, this assessment may be a short, or lengthy, time-consuming process with numerous required studies. We can help you strategize the best approach for your project to minimize impacts before costly studies are needed and obtain any required environmental certifications.

Specific Services Offered

  • NEPA Compliance – The National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) requires environmental assessment and review on any project involving a federal action or approval. For our clients, this action typically involves permitting wetland or endangered species impacts.
  • CEQA Compliance – The California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) requires environmental assessment and review on any project involving a state/local action or approval. Our clients are most often required to obtain environmental certification for projects related to land improvements and planning department approvals.
  • Technical Studies – Environmental assessment is based on review of technical studies that are prepared to determine what impacts a project may have on a property, or to the surrounding community. Whether your project may affect natural resources, air quality, traffic, noise or other issues, we can help you prepare the right studies as cost-effectively as possible so your project is quickly certified.
  • The Global Warming Solutions Act and Associated Regulations – From Short Lived Climate Pollutant reduction, to the Low Carbon Fuel Standard, we can guide you through this complex evolving regulatory environment.