The world is transitioning from a fossil based energy system, to clean renewable distributed energy. Momentum for this transition is building through government incentives, recognition of human involvement in climate change, and geopolitical complexities of foreign energy sources. Barnett Environmental has the regulatory experience to navigate complexities of evolving energy development, which includes wind, solar, and numerous emerging waste to energy modalities. Ancillary to these foci, Barnett Environmental is also able to offer specific services related to all aspects of liquid and solid waste treatment and disposal.

Specific Services Offered

  • Project Siting & Due Diligence – We can perform a rapid (due diligence) assessment of your proposed project site for potential environmental issues to provide you with siting, design and permit strategy recommendations.
  • Environmental Impact Assessment – We can prepare or manage preparation of all requisite NEPA and/or CEQA reporting requirements to ensure the most efficient and cost-effective process.
  • Resource Agency Permit Strategies & Design Recommendations – We work closely with development proponents and design engineers to optimize project design to avoid and/or minimize resource permit implications.
  • Resource Permit Application Preparation and Processing – We can efficiently shepherd your project through the application process with the resource agencies (U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, CA Regional Water Board, CA Department of Fish & Wildlife) and work with you to reduce costs and lengthy delays.
  • Project Environmental Advocacy – We can help find the most effective ways to move project applications through public agency permitting, authorization and entitlement, quickly respond to staff information requests, attend meetings, and ultimately obtain approvals needed to proceed efficiently.
  • Mitigation Compliance – We have extensive experience in mitigation strategy, banking, offsite turnkey and onsite restoration design and implementation.
  • Pre-Construction Surveys & Mitigation and Construction Monitoring & Reporting – We can effectively assist with requisite surveys and reporting obligations, provide Worker Environmental Awareness Program (WEAP) training, and comply with all monitoring and reporting requirements.