Cannabis / Permitting & Licensing / Land Planning / Environmental Assessment

Chris has 15+ years of experience assisting clients with planning and design, environmental assessment, and obtaining approvals for residential, commercial, and industrial projects. Most significantly, he has been a land and environmental planner in the Sacramento Region for the past 11 years and has worked on a variety of projects ranging in size from a single lot to large-scale specific plans. His projects have required extensive in-depth knowledge and integration of the land development process, state and federal environmental compliance, and state and federal permitting.

Chris also started and operated two successful businesses in this same time period, often working at nights and on weekends while employed full time at three distinct consulting positions. In 2007, he opened a driver’s education school with his family in Grand Blanc, Michigan. His primary role as CFO was to develop and maintain financial, payroll, and student database systems to ensure the company’s growth and success until he sold his interest. In 2010, recognizing the progression of the medical cannabis industry, Chris started a state-legal medical marijuana collective specializing in cultivation and wholesale in Sacramento, CA. As this new venture “grew”, he decided to leave his full-time position as a planner and project manager at RCH Group (2013) to focus more attention on his business. During this time he also operated as an independent consultant, primarily working with Barnett Environmental as a permitting specialist.

Over the past three years, Chris has become intimately familiar with the opportunities and pitfalls of the burgeoning cannabis industry. He worked at first as a cultivator, constructing and operating indoor grow facilities, and then as a wholesale distributor to medical cannabis dispensaries. At the same time, he gained valuable experience as a consultant navigating the complicated web of federal, state, and local regulatory approvals needed for many types of land development projects. While focusing on wetlands and biological authorizations from federal and state agencies, he has also obtained local approvals for his clients involving CEQA certifications, survey and planning approvals, construction and grading permits, and business licenses.

With the passage of the Medical Marijuana Regulation and Safety Act (MMRSA), Chris is now working towards creating one of the first fully legal cannabis businesses in California. In conjunction with his consulting practice, he is offering his knowledge and experience to cultivators, dispensaries, and other related business owners who have an interest in being licensed. He continues to stay on top of new information relevant to how cannabis businesses will be treated in the near future while working as a consultant and operating his business.

Education, Licenses, Accreditations, & Appointments

Master of Landscape Architecture, University of Michigan
BS Environmental Science, University of Michigan
LEED Accredited Professional, Building Design & Construction
Sacramento County Design Review Advisory Committee Appointee (2005 – 2012)