We come from both outside and inside this new industry. Outside, as consultants to the development community, we provide strategic guidance to clients for obtaining permits, licenses, and other approvals that saves time and money, while creating better projects. Inside, as cultivators and distributors of medical cannabis, we are intimately aware of the rapidly changing legislation – MMRSA – now regulating the cannabis industry and know how best to position businesses for success. With 45 combined years of consulting expertise and 7 years operating a successful medical cannabis business, we are uniquely positioned to assist cultivators, manufacturers, testers, distributors, transporters, and dispensaries with obtaining your license and associated approvals. How we advise you is how we would advise ourselves!

Specific Services Offered

  • Strategy – The State of California is in the process of creating a new medical marijuana license program and license applications are expected to be published in 2017. If you are interested in obtaining a license, will you be ready to apply? We can help with your business strategy to maximize your success in being one of the first licensees to get approved.
  • Site Plans – Preparing a complete site plan that complies with the requirements of your local government and the Water Board will help to ensure that your cultivation site is approved quickly. Whether you have an existing operation, or are looking to start/expand, we can help to ensure your plans show proper setbacks, clearly document size and location you are permitted for, and adequately demonstrate that you are not impacting the environment.
  • Local Approvals – Medical marijuana businesses first need approval from any local government where they plan to locate or operate in order to obtain a State license. Let us know if you need help assembling your registration or permit packages, including site plan and grading plan approvals, environmental assessment, application preparation, and agency correspondence.
  • Water Board Discharge Permits – The State Water Resources Control Board and Regional Water Boards require submittal of a Notice of Intent to comply with General Order # R5-2015-0113, Waste Discharge Requirements for Waste Associated with Medicinal Cannabis Cultivation Activities. We are very experienced in obtaining permits from the Water Board and can help you assemble your package, including preparation of a site plan, biological assessment, cultural assessment, site management plan for Tier 3 cultivators, and yearly monitoring reports.
  • State Licenses – California licenses allowing persons or entities to operate legal medical marijuana businesses within State borders will soon be available. We can help you understand how a license will benefit your business and what you can do to get started now.

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